What is SVB

A web-based portal providing real time tracking and monetisation of social value created from procurement and operational activity.

Why this SVB

It is the largest and most comprehensive* social value tool that aligns with and enhances public sector evaluation methodology and investment decision making.

*Comprises over 80 tracked or monetised metrics

Impact & Value

Identify and articulate the value of your organisations activities to society and shine a light on your approach to being a responsible business.


"The Supply Chain SVB enables us to quantify our impact and ultimately deliver better outcomes for people and the environment."


Why it's different

Provides real-time web-based tracking and monetisation of social value performance to be compared against core objectives


Valuations are geographically sensitive


Provides values attributed to Businesses, individuals, communities, and government as recommended by best-practice guidance on accounting for the full social value created by policy interventions.


Adjusts benefit values to account for what would have happened anyway based on best practice implementation of the Homes and Communities Agency’s additionality guidance


Accounts for both positive and negative impacts to provide a realistic picture of social value


Wider reporting and data analysis functionality


How it works


The SVB will adjust benefit values to account for what would have organically occurred based on best-practice implementation of the Homes and Communities Agency's additionality guidance.


The Social Value Bank allows you to compare the social value performance on previous, current and future projects against geography, social value outputs, work streams and many other permutations.


Input performance data as it is created at a project level. The tool will automatically provide real time, geographically sensitive calculations of the social value created. 


The tool allows you to aggregate, benchmark and query performance over time by various characteristics such as project type, geographic region, business unit, social value output and many other permutations.

Trusted and used by



The Supply Chain Social Value Bank was developed by Simetrica and the Morgan Sindall Group Plc.

Research and policy consultants, Simetrica have become the recoginsed global leader in social value measurement. Over 5000 organisations use Simetrica's Social Value Banks globally. Additionally, Simetrica have co-authored and contributed to over 15 global guidance manuals including the HM Treasury Green Book and OECD Guidelines. 

The Morgan Sindall Group is one of the UK's largest construction and regeneration groups. The Group of nine companies is driven to create a legacy we can all be proud of.  Morgan Sindall Group partnered with Simetrica to develop a tool that could uniquely quantify long term sustainable social value from projects in the built environment.


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